Nutrition In Your 50s

While it’s best to eat all your vitamins and minerals the most natural way possible, you may find it beneficial to add some supplements to your diet during your 50s to fill any deficiencies your body may start to experience.

What to watch out for in your 50s

Vitamin D and calcium: It is recommended that men consume at least 1000mg of Calcium and women should aim for at least 1200mg. Both genders should in addition consumer 600mg of Vitamin D to aid in calcium absorption and for optimal bone health.

Omega-3 fatty acids: There are surprisingly many benefits to consuming Omega-3s as you age. Realistically, you should be consuming omega 3s at all ages. The consumption of omega 3s help prevent many heart diseases as well as the build up of plaque in your arteries. You can also keep inflammation and blood sugar levels at bay, which tend to become slightly problematic as you age and become susceptible to metabolic syndrome and inflammatory diseases.

Probiotics: As you age, gut health starts to decline. It is important to maintain a healthy gut for optimal nutrient absorption as well as an efficient metabolism. Eating yoghurt, fermented vegetables or probiotic supplements may help you improve your gut health.