Nutrition In Your 60s

Some say your 60s are the best years of your life. Things are more stable, you’re more in tune with your thoughts and body, and life just appear to be more fulfilling as past worries become obsolete and it’s time to live your life the way you want to be remembered.

What to watch out for in your 60s

Vitamin B12: Most people in their 60s unfortunately start to neglect the sufficiency of having adequate B vitamins in their diet. Even more important is the B12 vitamin, which have been proven to be responsible for preventing dementia in adults. As your gut health continues to run at half its usual speed, it is important to supplement your diet with either B12 supplements or foods high in B12 such as trout, sirloin and beef liver.

Omega-3: Having adequate omega 3s in your diet continue to be as important as it was in your 50s. Studies have shown that older adults who consume more omega 3s are at lower risk of heart disease as well as an improved brain function, mood and body circulation. So dig into those walnuts, salmon, flaxseed oil, or simply take a few fish oil supplements from your local drug store.

Vitamin D: Getting 15mins of sunshine a day could help increase your Vitamin D count. Unfortunately, some older adults don’t spend enough time outdoors. Research has show that not only is Vitamin D important for the absoprtion of calcium, it can also help reduce chronic pain and even prevent some cancers.