Nutrition In Your 70s

Vitamin B12:  Here, Vitamin B12 seems to be still one of the most important vitamins in warding off dimentia in older adults. It is important to continue the consumption of your B vitamins along with foods high in Vitamin B12 content such as trout, sirloin and beef liver.


Protein: You may start experiencing muscle mass loss when you get over the 70s mass. Building muscle may be really challenging and you might find that your muscles will deteriorate if you’re not regularly exercising those muscles at the gym. Muscles is essential for an optimal and functioning immune system. When you lose just 10 percent of your muscle mass, your immune system starts to not function properly leaving you susceptible to passive infections and diseases. An easy way to help your body retain muscle mass is by ensuring adequate protein intake to support the muscle building blocks in your body. Just one shake of 20-30gram of protein is sufficient for everyday consumption.